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Nail Enhancements
Acrylic Full Set$27
Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel Polish$39
Acrylic Refill$18
For your protection, it is important to maintain a refill for acrylic nails every two weeks to prevent the nails from lifting, breaking, and infection.
Acrylic Refill w/ Gel Polish$30
Gel Powder Full Set$35
Gel powder nails are harder than acrylics. It won't break, chip, lift or turn yellow. The nails tips are attached to the natural nails' free edge.
Gel Powder Refill$20
Pink & White Full Set$45
Pink and White nails are two steps of acrylic application process that leaves a permanent French Manicure. The French Manicure from the Pink and White does not chip.
Pink & White Refill$36
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